Wireless Alarm Systems

Total security and flexibility with a wireless security system

Wire Free Alarm System Installers for Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Wiltshire


Why put up with cables? Go wireless

With wireless technology advancing at a rapid rate, cables are becoming a thing of the past. Zodiac Security are specialist wireless burglar alarm installers with over 15 years experience of installing wireless burglar alarm systems. Wireless burglar alarms have all the features of a wired alarm system but without the cables – you’d be crazy to not go wireless!!!

Our security services include both the installation and maintenance of wireless burglar alarms for home and business properties. We have three separate ranges of wireless burglar alarms that can meet both the domestic and commercial requirements whilst remaining wireless and cable free.

All wireless burglar alarm systems comply with insurance and police requirements as required and can provide a full range of monitoring services to suit your needs.

In addition to totally wireless burglar alarms we can also supply and install hybrid alarm systems mixing both wired and wire free technologies, this is particularly useful if you have an existing alarm system that needs to be extended or additional protection is required.

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Our enforcer range of wireless alarms meets most home and small business alarm requirements whilst being cost effective


Suitable for domestic and commercial properties with range extenders and App control for maximum coverage


Our HKC  wireless alarm is for the tech and gadget minded as it can incorporate CCTV and smartphone App control with excellent range and coverage

Wireless burglar alarm systems provide all the benefits of a wired alarm system but with none of the fuss