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For any building that has a remote door or gate that needs to be secure and protected but also allow any visitors to gain access, a door entry system is essential.

Door Entry and intercom systems are also excellent for disability access so that if any one should require assistance they can contact help using a dedicated door entry speech station. A variety of finishes are available including vandal resistant speech stations for vulnerable areas when required.

Excellent for flats, apartment and office buildings. Door Entry systems are the most secure & cost effective way of controlling who can enter your building without the need to go to the entrance door. Zodiac Security are specialist door and gate entry system installers from single units to multiple units as required.

Door Entry Systems can be audio (speech only) or video (black & white or colour) and allow the owner of the property to talk with any visitors before deciding if they will open the door for them.

Speech stations can be surface or flush mounted and come in a variety of finishes to suit every building be it traditional or modern.

Handsets located in the property can also be flush or surface mounted and also come in a range of finishes to blend in with the existing decor. Certain door entry systems with multiple handsets allow the system to operate as an internal intercom / communication system so you could chat with different parts of the building when required.

Door entry systems can now also use existing IP Data networks to reduce cabling and increase flexibility of the system as required.

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Our wired door entry intercom systemssystems can be audio only or audio and video to suit every application required


Working over the mobile network our GSM door entry system intercoms allow you to communicate from a mobile phone or landline


Our wireless door entry intercom systems mean that no cabling is required between the speech station and the monitor/handset

Door entry systems for flats, apartments, offices and reception areas