Automated Gate Systems

Installation, service and repair of electric automatic gate systems

Automatic & Automated Gate System Installers for Somerset, Dorset, Devon and the South West


Do you have gates on your driveway that you have to open and close yourself? Do you just eventually leave them open as its the simpler and easier option?

Why not make your gates fully automatic? Your gates can be made to be fully automated so that they open and close when instructed without you ever having to leave the comfort of your car or home.

So how do we do this?

The simple answer is by installing a high quality, cost effective automated gate opening system.
In more detail we will do the following:

  • Install either a single or double armed gate opening system (dependant on gates)
  • Install dual safety beams so the gate will not close on any objects
  • Install a request to exit button and/or ground loop for any visitors or guests leaving the property
  • Install all gate controlling equipment and radio equipment. this includes the radio fobs for the owners so you never need to get out of your warm, dry, cosy car.
  • Install a wired or wireless gate entry system with intercom and digital keypad. This allows any visitors to talk to the house to gain access, the digital keypad allows anyone who knows the correct code to open the gate when required.
  • If required we can also supply and install a range of gates if you do not have any existing gates in place

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Supply and installation of various metal gates for automation including wrought itron gates and aluminium gates


Repair and servicing of existing automated gate systems that are either not working or working poorly


Automatic gate systems for all types of wooden gates from decorative hardwood gates to simple five bar wooden gates