Insurance and Security Systems

A guest blog post by Steve Redwood of Harper Dolman & West Insurance Ltd – Insurance brokers in Somerset.

We all work very hard to build our business or personal assets and whilst the expense of paying for Insurance may not be the highlight of everyone’s year, the comfort blanket of having suitable cover does calm the nerves.

insurance and security systems

does your insurance cover you?

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a crime or suffer damage then naturally this is when the benefit of insurance comes in to its own. At this point you don’t want to find out that your Insurer will not pay because you are not complying with the terms of the policy, so take action now to ensure you are protected.

In many cases, especially business policies where business stock is held or for private residents where high values contents are owned, Insurers may insist upon a certain level of security to include window and door locks, safe, alarms and CCTV. The detail of these requirements will be fully disclosed by your Insurer when you accept the quotation and at every renewal. If you use an Insurance Broker they will ensure you are made aware of these requirements.

With regards to Alarms systems and CCTV, the level of security that is required by an Insurer will vary depending on the nature and size of the risk.  With regards to fire and security systems, the Insurer will always ask for a system to be supported by an annual maintenance agreement managed by a contractor approved by a governing body such as SSAIB or NSI (National Security Inspectorate). If you have a requirement to have an increased level of security then discuss these requirements with an approved security contractor, such as Zodiac Security, and they will ensure your system meets the requirements set by your Insurer.

If you have not checked your Insurance requirements then you should do this immediately.  If you want independent advice on your Insurance requirements then speak to a local independent broker such as ourselves or the BIBA website who will assist you in finding your local independent broker.

For all your insurance requirements Zodiac Security recommend that you speak to Harper Dolman & West Insurance Ltd

alarm going off when you have a power cut?

Does your burglar alarm go off whenever you have a power failure? Chances are the emergency standby battery in the control panel has failed.

tired of your burglar alarm going off?

tired of your burglar alarm going off?

There is nothing more annoying than a burglar alarm that constantly goes off for no reason, the end result is that people will just ignore it and that defeats the whole object and the purpose of having a burglar alarm in the first place. A common cause of false activations is a faulty emergency standby battery.

So what is the solution?

A burglar alarm system should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis (every twelve months, or every six months for a monitored system) and is often a condition of your insurers, on this maintenance and service visit the emergency standby battery will be checked and tested to show its current condition. If the battery is deemed insufficient then it will be changed. Rules and regulations state that a standby battery should be capable of powering the burglar alarm system for a minimum of 12 hours including a 15 minute full alarm period in the event of a power cut.

On average a standby battery will last between 3 – 5 years – when was the last time you had yours changed?

Emergency standby batteries for an alarm system

Emergency standby batteries for an alarm system

To arrange a service of your burglar alarm system or to discuss the various maintenance and monitoring options you have then please do not hesitate to contact us.




Why you should use an NSI approved security company

Always use an NSI Approved Security Installation company

With all the security advice on the internet, it can be bewildering knowing who to trust for sound advice and service. Choose an NSI approved company and you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable contractor who works to NSI’s stringent standards.


Before you have a Burglar alarm fitted, make sure you ask the following questions:

 Q: Can I trust the employees of the security company when in my home? A:  All relevant personnel within each NSI approved company have been security screened to British Standard 7858.

Q: Will the company I choose be capable of meeting the standard of workmanship and service I would expect? A: NSI will only approve a company once it is capable of demonstrating technical and managerial competence and once approved is regularly audited to ensure consistency.

Q: If there is a problem with my alarm, how quickly can I expect the company to respond? A: All NSI approved companies installing intruder alarms must operate a 24 hour call out service and must be able to respond to emergencies within a 4 hour period.  (NSI companies who have installed a CCTV or Access Control system are expected to respond within 24 hours.)

Q: Once I have an alarm fitted – will I see the installer again? A: With NSI, a maintenance contract will be offered to customers who have an alarm system installed.

Q: Upon installation of an intruder alarm what will I be given? A: You will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance from an NSI approved company

Q: Will I get a discount on my house insurance if I have a burglar alarm? A: It is always advisable to check with your insurance company as policies differ between companies.  However, many insurance companies do offer discounts for alarms installed by NSI approved companies.


Zodiac Security are NSI (NACOSS) approved security installers

NSI approved

Zodiac Security are an NSI approved security installation company


Dorchester Burglar Alarms and Security Systems

Burglar Alarm Installers In Dorchester, Dorset

Dorchester is the county town of Dorset, England. A historic market town, Dorchester lies on the banks of the River Frome, and is one of the prettiest towns in the whole of England – but properties still need to be protected and secured, both domestically and commercially.

Zodiac Security Ltd provide a full security system installation and maintenance service for home and business properties in Dorchester and the surrounding areas, no building is too small or large and no security problem is too complex. We are always able to find the best security option at the best possible price. All security systems are installed to meet the required standards and meet all police and insurance requirements.

Security System installers in Dorchester, Dorset

Zodiac Security are NSI and Insurance Approved Security System installers in Dorchester, Dorset

Security systems installed by Zodiac Security in Dorchester include:

  • Burglar and Intruder Alarms
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems (including HD and IP CCTV Systems)
  • Fire Alarms (wired and wireless)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Door Entry and Intercom Systems
  • Automated Gates
  • Monitored Alarm Systems with Police Response
  • Redcare and Dual Com Systems
  • Maintenance, Repair and Take over of existing security systems

So act now before its too late and contact Zodiac Security to arrange a free, no obligation security survey and quotation for your home or business property, we will explain to you in simple terms what options are available to you and design the best security system to suit your home lifestyle or business use. NO scare tactics, no technobabble, just straight forward, honest security advice.

NSI approved security installers in Dorchester



CCTV Documentation

Is your CCTV documentation correct and up to scratch?

Having the correct documents for your CCTV system is extremely important to ensure that it is being used correctly, however most systems installed do not have the necessary and required documentation for the CCTV system:

Some of the documents that should be available to the CCTV system are:

  • Staff Training Records
  • Who has Access Records (remote and local)
  • Data Request Records
  • Data Removal Records
  • Staff Acceptance of CCTV (if applicable)
  • CCTV Warning Signs (stating the purpose of the CCTV system)
  • A Regular Maintenance Agreement / Contract
  • A full and detailed specification of the system

If you do not have the above documentation it may affect both your insurance and the potential to use your CCTV system for evidence and prosecution purposes.

If you would like Zodiac Security to carry out a free security evaluation of your CCTV system to ensure that it complies with all the required standards necessary then please use the side tab to contact us.

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