New HD CCTV System installed for Frome Memorial Theatre

Zodiac Security have recently been able to help and protect Frome Memorial Theatre with a HD CCTV System.

Statue at Frome Memorial Theatre

Statue at Frome Memorial Theatre








To mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, A statue of Sgt Charlie Robbins, a World War One soldier, hidden on a Somerset trading estate for years, has been moved and dedicated. The statue has been moved from outside the old Singer building, on the Marston Trading Estate, to the Frome Memorial Garden outside the town’s Memorial Theatre.

As part of the relocation task, Zodiac Security Ltd were asked to install a 2 camera external HD CCTV system to cover and protect the statue 24 hours a day to deter and prevent any damage or vandalism to the statue.

Each external dome incorporates infra red lighting to allow for viewing no matter what the lighting levels are outside the theatre and are vandal resistant to ensure no damage can be done to any of the cameras. The cctv cameras link to a HD digital video recorder that records 24 hours per day to provide constant monitoring of the statue.

CCTV warning signs have also been fixed in various locations around the theatre to warn any persons on the property that they are being recorded for both safety and security purposes.


HD CCTV systems, more affordable than you think!!






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HD CCTV at an affordable price

If you’re thinking of getting a CCTV system installed then you want the best picture possible don’t you??? the problem was that to get the best picture you had to go digital with an IP CCTV system and that came with a big price!!!

But what if there was an alternative? a full 1080P HD CCTV system for the cost of a regular analogue CCTV system? now that’s something interesting isn’t it!!!

At Zodiac Security we are able to offer up a solution using HD SDI CCTV cameras, these use traditional cabling (co-ax) and are a lot lower cost that a digital HD IP CCTV cameras but with the same picture quality!!!. Below is a screenshot of one of the cameras when viewed from a remote PC (more of that later)


That sounds fantastic I hear you cry!!! but what else can it do???

Well there’s a couple of major bonuses to our new HD SDI CCTV system:

  1. As it uses traditional CCTV cabling you can easily upgrade your existing analogue system to this new HD CCTV system using all the old cabling – keeping the price even lower!!!
  2. If you have broadband where the CCTV system is being installed then your new CCTV systems can be connected to it and you will then be able to view it remotely from PC’s, laptops, tablets or smartphones. You’ll even be able to playback all the video remotely that has been recorded. The two images in the post show the HD system viewed remotely during the day and at night)
HD CCTV at night

OUR HD CCTV Camera working at 2am in the morning

If you would like more information on our HD SDI CCTV systems then please feel free to get in touch with us or give us a call on 01458 241166. No pressure selling, just honest, straight forward security advice on our HD CCTV Systems.

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Upgrade your existing CCTV to HD

Affordable, cost effective HD CCTV Systems and CCTV upgrades.

Have you ever looked at your CCTV system and the images/video it produces and thought “I cant make out what that is” or “I wish it was a lot clearer”

Well the answer is at hand and its more affordable than you think!!! Existing CCTV systems can now be easily upgraded to HD CCTV for crystal clear images


HD CCTV systems, more affordable than you think!!

Traditionally, if you wanted an HD CCTV system you would have to install a whole new data network (or hope that the building already had one that could cope with the HD CCTV) and then use an expensive IP megapixel CCTV camera that would be viewed on the internal IT network. This can be very costly and affect the performance of the IT network around the building.

But I already have a CCTV system so what can I do with that? I hear you ask?

Well this is the beauty of our latest CCTV system, commonly known as HD-SDI, we are able to use all of the existing co-ax cabling and power supplies of your existing analogue CCTV system and just replace the CCTV Cameras and Digital Recorder with our HD- SDI range of CCTV, greatly saving on both labour costs and equipment costs.

The end result being that you now have an excellent, crystal clear HD CCTV system with no affect on your IT Network or any cabling requirements so no office or décor disruption.

So if you are unhappy with your existing CCTV system or would like a new HD CCTV system installed in your office or work premises then please feel free to contact us via our contact page or via the side tab on this page