Are you thinking of making your gates automated?

Things to consider when having your gates automated

1) Make sure the gates work!

Any gate to be automated must work properly as a manual gate.  Automation will not overcome problems with an incorrectly installed or faulty/broken gates.

2) Gates on slopes

Gates have trouble on driveways and entrances that run uphill.  This will complicate the situation and often leaves larges gaps at the bottom of the gate to compensate for the slope. Gates can be installed on slopes but the flatter the entrance the better where possible.

3) Is it up to the job?

Make sure that the equipment specified is suitable. Failiure to do this this will invalidate the guarantee and result in faulty operation / equipment failure.

4) Underground motors

Underground motors need drainage.  These motors are design to be fitted underground – not underwater.

5) Professional installation

Gate automation equipment should be sourced from and fitted by a profession installer.  It may cost a little more but you will then have someone who will take full responsibility for the installation.  Whilst it is tempting to buy your equipment yourself from one of these companies who have little regard for the industry and sell at close to trade prices direct to end users, this does you no favours and damages the industry and may result in serious accidents for which you may end being responsible.

6) Environment

Consideration must be given to environmental conditions, particularly the effect of wind on a gate.  Even an ‘open railing’ gate will present a degree of wind resistance, and close boarded wooded gates are just like a sail in strong wind. This can affect the operation and life of your gate operating system.

7) Means of opening gates

Consideration needs to be given to how you want the gate to open from both inside and outside. Various options include: Radio remote keyfobs,  Keypads/proximity access, push-buttons, ground loops and GSM via mobile phone.

8) Visitor/pedestrian access

If there is no alternative, dedicated free pedestrian gate, you must consider how visitors will contact the property to gain access, and how the gate will be opened.

For pedestrian access from outside without a radio keyfob a digital keypad can be used to open one leaf only or both leaves depending on the system. Alternatively, for visitor access some form of entry intercom is normally used.  Typical examples are:-

  • Hardwired audio or audio/video system with or without built in keypad
  • Radio audio system with or without keypad providing a range up to 200m in CLEAR SPACE
  • GSM audio with or without keypad – unlimited range but dependent on local phone reception quality.

9) Trade Access

Consideration must be given to necessity for access to trades people such as dustmen, postmen, gardeners etc.

This is often achieved by connecting a button  to a time clock which would allow the gate to be opened during a certain time period.

10) Self-locking motors

You cannot rely on automated gate motor to provide total security to a gate.  The addition of extra locks will make it much more difficult to force a gate open. External rated Electromagic locks can be added to the system for additional security.

For more information on automated gates or to arrange a free security survey please do not hesitate to contact Zodiac Security by clicking on the side tab.

Why you should make your existing gates automated

Five Reasons to Have Automatic Electric Gates at your home

There are many reasons why home owners are investing in making their gates automated, and you are about to find out why from the experts. At Zodiac Security we have a wealth of knowledge surrounding automated gates, which enables us to offer our customers a great insight into the benefits they could be reaping if they decided to invest in making their gates automated.

Automated Gates

Make existing gates automated with Zodiac Security

Understandably, as a customer you want to know all the facts before purchasing, which is why we have decided to give you the five main reasons that most people outline when deciding to have an automated gate system installed.

1. Convenience

When it’s pouring down with rain, the last thing you want to do when you come home from a hard day of work is to jump out of the car and manually open the gate to your property (most people just end up leaving the gates propped open). One way to prevent this scenario from occurring is with an automated electric gate system from Zodiac Security, which also leaves you safe in the knowledge that your gate will always be securely closed. Moreover you have the added the convenience of being able to open your gates for friends and family, from the comfort of your home so they benefit as well.

2. Safety

Every parent will share our concern of safety. As a parent, your worst nightmare is for your child running out into the middle of a road, but one way to stop this from happening is with a reliable automatic electric gate system, people are even increasingly using automated gates to ensure that the family pet cannot escape too!!

3. Security

Security is a major worry for many homeowners. One way to improve the security of your property is with an electric gate, as it offers a physical barrier to deter unwanted guests, and gives you control over who enters your property.

4. Appearance

Much like finding a great pair of shoes or fantastic hat, accessorising your home with an automatic electric gate can add style and sophistication to the front of your property and create a great first impression. All types of gates can be automated including metal gates, wooden gates and even gates that have been listed on older properties.

5. Increased Property Value

With all these advantages it is not surprising to learn that the value of your property will be increased. This is great news for those who may intend to sell their home in the future, as  you can still have all the previously mentioned benefits, with the additional one of increasing the value of your property and giving you an added advantage over other people selling their home.

Automatic electric gates offer homeowners numerous advantages. If you would like further information on the various automated gates systems that we can install then please do not hesitate to contact our office at Zodiac Security. We are always happy to help  – call us direct on 01935 425429.