CCTV Documentation

Is your CCTV documentation correct and up to scratch?

Having the correct documents for your CCTV system is extremely important to ensure that it is being used correctly, however most systems installed do not have the necessary and required documentation for the CCTV system:

Some of the documents that should be available to the CCTV system are:

  • Staff Training Records
  • Who has Access Records (remote and local)
  • Data Request Records
  • Data Removal Records
  • Staff Acceptance of CCTV (if applicable)
  • CCTV Warning Signs (stating the purpose of the CCTV system)
  • A Regular Maintenance Agreement / Contract
  • A full and detailed specification of the system

If you do not have the above documentation it may affect both your insurance and the potential to use your CCTV system for evidence and prosecution purposes.

If you would like Zodiac Security to carry out a free security evaluation of your CCTV system to ensure that it complies with all the required standards necessary then please use the side tab to contact us.

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